Three Incentives the US Government Has for Going Green

Global warming is a concern for governments around the world. Temperatures in oceans are rising, weather patterns are frustrating farmers, and natural calamities are occurring across the globe. Institutions across the world are coming together to alleviate global warming problems and plan policies for going green. The US government has come up with the following incentives for going green to avert the dangers of global warming.

  • Cheaper energy audits

The Department of Energy’s home energy score program will provide the American people with low-cost energy audits while advising them on how to make their homes more energy efficient. The US government will price their audits at half the price provided by private enterprises.

  • The 1603 Program

This program seeks to provide federal grants to commercial property owners through reimbursing 30% of the cost of installing and using solar technology, fuel cell, and small wind turbines. The 1603 payments are available after the construction of energy efficient buildings or installation of the renewable energy resources.

  • Loans to upgrade energy efficiency appliances

Homes that already have had efficient renewable energy resources installed are now eligible for energy improvement mortgages. Facilitation of insurance for the loans is provided by the federal housing authority and by the veterans’ affairs programs.

  • Decreasing wastes

Every single day, businesses, and homes are producing tons of biodegradable as well as non-biodegradable wastes. Adopting proper disposal systems will go a long way in reducing greenhouse gases. Recycling programs are being set up at community levels to encourage participation of all citizens.

Finally, the government needs to come up with ways of monitoring the success of these incentives to know if they are worth investing in to get the best possible results. The public also needs to be sensitized to understand the essence of going green. 



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