Many uses of the aloe plant

You may be familiar with some of the uses of the aloe plant, also known as aloe vera. Perhaps you used it to treat a rash or burn. Then you were a witness of its soothing power. If you are into decorating, you will agree that the plant makes a nice ornament and can attractively add to the décor of any room. One important aspect to remember is that aloe vera has anti-aging and antibacterial properties. This makes it very versatile for treatments that have to do with beauty, but there are also other uses of aloe.

As a cosmetic agent and cleanser

The extract of the aloe vera can help you get rid of raccoon eyes. It can also be used as a face cleanser.  The minerals in aloe vera are antibacterial and will eliminate impurities.

If you want to straighten your eyebrows, aloe can act as a gel to help you make them look tidy. Mix aloe vera gel with cucumber to make a great hydrating mask. Leave it on while you sleep. Speaking of hydrating,  a mixture of aloe vera with oatmeal, corn meal, and body lotion will make your dry feet baby soft. 

Use aloe vera as a facial exfoliator by mixing aloe gel with sugar. This mixture enriches the skin, provides oxygen, and makes it look vibrant. Aloe is also excellent as a shaving cream due to its moisturizing properties.

As a medication

Freeze a cube of aloe and use it for the treatment of burns, insect bites, sun exposure, and many other minor skin injuries. 

Aloe contains vitamin C which can block plaque, which can help to reduce foul-smelling mouth. Besides this, it can help relieve broken or swelling gums.

There have been several experiments conducted to discover great properties of aloe. For instance, a study in Turkey revealed that it can be used for the treatment of diabetes. Aloe has also been proven to help with constipation. 

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