Bonsai tree

This is a Japanese art from using really small trees grown in containers. The Japanese tradition dates back over a thousand years.

If you are into this tree, and you want to take care for it, we can give you some ideas. The first thing you need to do is to decide which one you will pick. Think about the place you live, climate and where you want to put the plant, and then make a decision.

In case you want to grow a tree in your house, you should consider tropical species. This is also a good idea if you live in a place where is hot climate.

On the other hand if you want to grow your bonsai tree outside, the best choice are Magnolias, Japanese or Chinese elms, etc.

We should warn you that planting a bonsai tree from seed sometimes takes too long, it is a little bit slow, but we can guarantee you that it is a rewarding process.

When you decide to plant a tree, you'll have to allow it time to take root and grow really strong. Only then, you can start with training and trimming.

Be prepared that this could be up to four or five years. A lot of people consider this is something worth waiting, especially because seeds are inexpensive.

When it comes to keeping a bonsai tree healthy, you need to pay attention to the seasons. As any other plant, this tree will react to any climate change, so make sure if you are keeping it outside to notice any change.

During the summer, you should put it outside during the day, and inside in the night. In preparation for the winter, you should acclimate your tree to  spend more time indoors, then outdoors.


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